March 26, 2024

Embrace Pet Insurance’s Impact: Over $1.1 Million Generated and Lifesaving Support for 2,500+ Pets in Two-Year-Span

Embrace Pet Insurance, a premier provider of health insurance for dogs and cats in the United States, has made significant strides in charitable giving and animal welfare support, as highlighted in their 2023 Community Impact Report. With an intentional approach to philanthropy focusing on the welfare of animals in need, Embrace has generated $506,000 for nonprofits across the country in just the past year, contributing to a total of more than $1.1 million in the last two years and providing crucial lifesaving support to more than 2,500 animals.

Additional major highlights captured in Embrace Pet Insurance’s 2023 Community Impact Report include:

  • Supported more than 150 nonprofits, spanning both animal-related and other areas of focus
  • More than 1,600 volunteer hours contributed by Embrace employees
  • Record-breaking year for EmbraceCLE, generating $243,300 for local nonprofits

“In 2023, we took our passion for pets to the next level,” said Brian Macias, CEO of Embrace Pet Insurance. “We rolled up our sleeves and got more hands-on, choosing to back the hard-hitting nonprofits that go the extra mile. Our support reached beyond our local community to embrace a variety of nonprofits across the nation, those that may be humble in size but mighty in impact. Looking ahead, we’re excited to keep making a difference, to keep connecting with communities and to keep championing the cause of animals everywhere.”

Glenn Shapiro, President of KodiakCare, a nonprofit that provides funding for critical veterinary care to pets in need and was a recipient of Embrace’s support in 2023, commends Embrace for its partnership, emphasizing the substantial and positive influence on both pet parents and their furry companions.

“Embrace has been an incredible partner for KodiakCare,” said Shapiro. “Their commitment has enabled us to deliver essential lifesaving veterinary care to hundreds of animals. It’s this kind of assistance that not only saves lives but also fosters a stronger, more compassionate society.”

Looking ahead, Embrace Pet Insurance is eager to expand its commitment to positively empowering nonprofits and animal welfare initiatives. While continuing to support homeless animals, Embrace will also focus on addressing the critical issue of mental health within the veterinary community.

For more information about Embrace Pet Insurance and our services, please visit Embrace Pet Insurance or call (800) EMBRACE.


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