March 22, 2024

Enabot Unveils ROLA PetPal and ROLA PetTracker

Enabot has launched its latest innovations in pet tech: the ROLA PetPal and ROLA PetTracker.

In the last six years, Enabot has emerged as a leader in family robotics with its acclaimed EBO series. EBO X was a 2023 CES Innovation Awards Honoree, showcasing the company’s dedication to excellence and ingenuity. Enabot is gearing up to take another huge leap in 2024 by launching the ROLA series, a new line of high-tech devices tailored specifically for your pet.

ROLA PetPal is equipped with essential safety and entertainment features, including high-def cameras, whole-house mobility, automatic recharging and AI-enabled pet recognition. It also marks a bold advancement in pet monitoring with groundbreaking Real-Time Two-Way Voice Communication technology. Simply train your furry friend to press PetPal’s easy-access call button and voila! You’ll receive a ‘hello’ right on your phone. ROLA PetPal is also armed with interactive toys and an automated treat dispenser, so your pals are always entertained no matter where you are.

ROLA PetPal’s Interactive Toys, including the play stick, laser game and rolling ball, provide endless fun. With the remote-controlled treat dispenser, one click is all it takes to reward your pets in real-time. Plus, the ROLA App features 9 actions and 7 sound effects that provide round-the-clock entertainment.

ROLA PetPal offers Cloud+ Subscription services, including 24/7 cloud playback, Smart Alerts and Daily Pet Vlogs for an unmatched user experience.

ROLA PetPal’s integrated camera allows users to become active participants in their pets’ world. Whether monitoring playtime, offering comforting words or giving treats remotely, the ROLA PetPal series offers users seamless connection no matter where they are. It goes beyond mere monitoring to provide reassurance and companionship that transcends separation anxiety.

Basic ROLA PetPal is priced at $229. Click here for more details and early bird prices.




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