May 6, 2020

Enso Discoveries Making PPE Available for Veterinary Workers

Enso Discoveries is a veteran-owned biotechnology and histopathology laboratory in the Midwest that is using its established international network to bring much-needed PPE (personal protective equipment) such as KN95 masks (N95 equivalent) and 3-ply surgical masks to national veterinary suppliers, in an effort to protect veterinary workers as COVID-19 continues to stress supply chains.

Similar to the human medical industry that is feeling strain from the current pandemic, the veterinary industry is feeling the impact as medical supplies are being diverted to the frontlines. US companies and small businesses are doing everything that they can to fill the need by creating more stock of medical supplies that are in high demand. Enso Discoveries was able to utilize its international histopathology relationships to source masks, helping to keep their business running, as well as their clients safe.

“Our customers cannot simply shut down during this time of social distancing and working from home. They are still making farm calls, treating your pets and interacting with pet owners when animal emergencies happen. Their passion is protecting your best friend, no matter what. Our mission is to arm them with the best protection to stay in the fight,” said Trey Pittman, VP of Animal Health, Enso Discoveries.

Both the N95 equivalent and 3-ply procedural masks are recommended during the procedures that utilize the Enso Discoveries’ existing patented veterinary devices. This is to protect both the veterinarian (and staff) as well as the patient undergoing the procedure. It makes sense that Enso Discoveries has the ability to supply these necessary, yet currently scarce, medical items in addition to their other products—they all work hand-in-hand.

“As all our products have, these masks have undergone rigorous certification and are the highest quality available in the industry,” explains Corey Orava, CSO of Enso Discoveries. “Every factory we use has been inspected by our representatives and every mask we carry has a validated quality certificate. We are so confident in the quality of our masks that we 100 percent guarantee them to meet or exceed international standards.”

“Because of our ability to bring in these masks we were able to hire locals including military veterans to help with repackaging and distribution. This opportunity has also enabled us to donate nearly 3,000 masks to local frontline heroes, essential workers and others who have had to maintain a public presence because of their line of work,” said CEO of Enso Discoveries Patrick Farley.

These masks are a natural fit for use with Enso Discoveries products and services which are distributed by Midwest Veterinary Supply. Enso Discoveries and Midwest Veterinary Supply have been partnering over the last year to bring easy-to-use regenerative medicine devices and competitive histopathology lab services to the veterinary industry. To inquire about obtaining Enso Discoveries products such as PPE for your veterinary clinic or hospital contact your Midwest Veterinary Supply Specialist or visit

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