Essentials PetCare Unveils EPC² Partner Clinics for Veterinary Hospitals and DVMs January 20, 2022

Essentials PetCare Unveils EPC² Partner Clinics for Veterinary Hospitals and DVMs

Essentials PetCare, the originator of retail veterinary clinics, is expanding its business model to full-service hospitals and veterinary professionals under a newly launched EPC² partner clinic program.

The EPC² initiative provides an efficient way for established veterinary hospitals to increase practice capacity, as well as revenue and financial EBITDA, by keeping larger margin activities at its primary hospital (surgery, dentistry, internal medicine, radiology, hospitalization, advanced diagnostics) while performing lower margin “clinic services” (wellness and minor illness) at an affiliated satellite facility.

“We have an easy, turnkey solution for established practices to increase efficiency, revenue and market reach within their community,” said Dr. Douglas Spiker, President and Founder at Essentials PetCare. “Our EPC² clinics are designed to provide the highest level of care while operating at an efficiency level that is difficult to achieve when combining clinic services with traditional, in-depth hospital services.”

EPC² also provides a compelling opportunity for independent DVM practitioners to easily own and operate a well care veterinary clinic that reaches a new client demographic and operates with a reduced stress working environment.

Essentials PetCare created the very first retail veterinary clinic at Walmart in 2016 and has since opened additional locations in Florida, Texas and Georgia.

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