October 17, 2023

Eukanuba Title Sponsor of 2023 Minority Outdoor Alliance Festival

Eukanuba, a leader in premium performance nutrition for sporting, working and service dogs, served as the title sponsor of the third-annual 2023 Minority Outdoor Festival, in Cedar Creek, TX last week. The two-day event at McKinney Roughs Nature Park is grounded in the Alliances’ mission to “Cultivate Inclusivity for A Healthier Outside.” The Minority Outdoor Alliance seeks to emulate nature and ensure outdoor communities are filled with color and diversity.

“We are proud to be the title sponsors of such an important event,” said Jessica Stiebel, North America Brand Lead, Eukanuba. “Minority Outdoor Alliance does incredible work providing people of diverse backgrounds and cultures access to a variety of outdoor activities and encourages more people to make outdoor living a part of their lifestyles.”

The festival, centered around the theme “uniting communities for joy and conservation,” comprised of a range of activities, including birddog demos, archery lessons, ATV rides, fly fishing instruction and river rafting. Additionally, the MOA hosted a career networking event for university students in the Austin and Houston areas to engage with potential employers and industry professionals.

“As leaders in the sporting performance industry, we are thrilled to have Eukanuba as the title sponsor of our event,” said Ashley Smith, President of the Minority Outdoor Alliance. “Partnerships are vital to our mission, and we couldn’t be happier to come together with Eukanuba and Texas Parks and Wildlife to create this monumental event for college students.”

Husband and wife team and co-founders, Durrell and Ashley Smith, started the Minority Outdoor Alliance in the summer of 2020. The co-founders believe that there is so much more that unites us as human beings than divides us. Through their work with the Minority Outdoor Alliance, they enjoy illustrating how the outdoors, dogs and sporting traditions are beautiful ways to see the humanity in others, connect in genuine ways and make core memories.

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