April 2, 2024

Farm to Pet Launches a Flurry of Pure Protein Dog Food Toppers

Get those pet food bowls ready for a perfect storm of flavor and nutrition! Farm To Pet, maker of all-natural, single-ingredient pet treats and chews, is rolling out new and improved Pet Treat Food Toppers, powdered versions of their iconic Chicken Chips and Turkey Chips pet treats featuring all-new packaging and texture. Just a sprinkle, shake or spoonful gives kibble, wet foods, slow feeders or training mats an extra shot of the pure, low-fat protein dogs – or cats! – need to live their best lives.

Founder Jackson Jones couldn’t be more excited about the launch. “Not only do Treat Toppers provide the many benefits of Farm To Pet’s signature treats,” such as low-allergen, low-fat nutrition with no added fillers or preservatives, “they also offer added versatility and a convenient way to increase the flavor, nutrient and protein content of pets’ meals. In fact, at more than 80 percent protein content, Treat Toppers offer two to three times the protein of other options on the market,” said Jackson.

Plus, it’s high-quality protein to boot. Made from human-grade poultry and nothing else, Treat Toppers are a healthy supplement to support muscle development and overall pet wellness at every meal, not to mention make medicine administration and DIY recipes a breeze.

What’s more, Pet Treat Food Toppers are perfect for finicky eaters, instantly adding the irresistible taste of Farm To Pet Turkey or Chicken Chips to any meal without added fat or empty calories. They are also ideal for senior dogs who might prefer to gum rather than crunch their food or puppies who need extra protein boosts to get their required nutrition. Treat Toppers are perfect for these pup predicaments and more.

Available in Pure Chicken for $14.95, Pure Turkey for $15.95 and a combo pack for $24.95 – a 20 percent savings! – new Treat Topper product features include a break-resistant glass jar and an easy-to-use double flip cap that can be opened to shake or spoon. The texture of the powder is also next-gen, with slightly larger particles, less moisture and more consistency throughout, making it even better for licking mats and melding with other foods.

Watch for other new and innovative launches from Farm To Pet later in 2024 and beyond, each one dedicated to the company’s philosophy that all pets deserve only the best treats.

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