March 24, 2020

FDA Reopens CBDs Public Docket, Pet Suppliers Encouraged to Contribute

The FDA reopened its CBDs public docket on CBDs on March 11 in an effort to continue gathering data on the safety of CBD products, and according to media reports, the American Pet Products Association (APPA) is encouraging its members to contribute their own carefully conducted studies to the collective. 

Julia Fidenzio, VP of Government Affairs and General Counsel at the APPA, reportedly told members who have CBD data on dogs, cats, horses or humans to send it to the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) or directly to the FDA.

On the heels of the Global Pet Expo, CBD exhibitors who continue to provide options for retailers and pet parents looking for solutions for the pets’ health and wellness, are still looking for better and more substantive regulations to manage the quality control in the category and to weed out impostors.

According to the FDA:

“In the notice reopening the public docket, FDA outlined areas where data would be useful to inform FDA on the safety of CBD. This notice also includes instructions on how to submit data. For those interested in submitting confidential information, please review the instructions in the notice that specifically address how to submit such data. Those with questions or concerns about data submission, including questions or concerns related to confidentiality, should reach out to FDA at:”

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