March 4, 2022

Fetch by The Dodo Pet Insurance, Formerly Petlan, Launches

Fetch by The Dodo, announces its official launch, following its partnership with The Dodo, the No.1 most-viewed and most-engaged animal platform in the world. By combining superior coverage with the brand strength and massive community of The Dodo, the company’s transition from Petplan is now complete.

“Pet insurance has traditionally focused on the bad days,” said Paul Guyardo, President & CEO of Fetch by The Dodo. “Our focus is to ensure that pets and their parents enjoy more good days together, as well as providing peace of mind with the best coverage in the industry.”

“Fetch by The Dodo is an exciting next step in our brand’s maturation and diversification,” said YuJung Kim, President of The Dodo. “This partnership makes sense for many reasons but the most important is that both companies are committed to deepening the human-pet connection and bettering animals’ lives.”

Fetch by The Dodo is the first pet insurance brand dedicated to helping pets live their very best lives, combining the most comprehensive pet insurance coverage in the market with personalized content and the massive animal living community of The Dodo to help passionate pet parents give their pets a happier, healthier and longer life.



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