May 20, 2020

FIDUS Pet Concierge Offers Important Advice to Help Pets Cope with Owners Returning to Work

FIDUS Pet Concierge recently highlighted its latest informative blog to help owners prepare their anxious pets, “Your Pets in a Post-COVID World: How to Help Them Cope.” FIDUS Pet Concierge is San Diego’s first exclusive pet amenity club, offering highly trained and insured pet care experts who make life more convenient for apartment residents. FIDUS reopened for business as of May 13.

“With nationwide quarantine easing, our pet-parents are concerned that their pets might react negatively to being left home alone again,” said FIDUS owner, Karen Posner.” Especially after having lavished those pets with so much personal attention lately. It’s one of our biggest concerns too, as we help our clients deal with pet care during these return-to-work orders. We have developed a wide array of socially-distant pet services that can help.”

FIDUS Pet Concierge: Four Tips to Help Pets Adjust

Extra snacks were a part of quarantine benefits for pets. But return to regular feeding schedules as soon as possible; paring back slowly, to keep pets from getting anxious.

Practice leaving pets for short periods of time. Go for a walk, drive, or short errand, while leaving pets at home. This will begin to get them used to a regular schedule that includes absent pet-parents.

Break out old toys, and begin to leave dogs and cats with safe and independent activities that they can utilize while pet-parents are away: scratch pads, treat toys, etc.

Slowly reintroduce pets to new people and other dogs, in preparation for leaving the home again during walks. Use a dog walker.

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