April 18, 2024

Figo Pet Insurance Research Reveals Pet Parents’ Generational Differences

Figo Pet Insurance LLC released new survey data revealing unique generational approaches to pet parenting. The study highlights intriguing generational differences among pet parents, revealing that while bonds with our pets are profoundly deep and complex, the ways we express and nurture these connections vary significantly, often in surprising ways.

The survey, conducted by Morning Consult, asked more than 2,000 U.S. adults to weigh in on a variety of pet-related topics. Highlights from the study include:

  • Pet Protection: 1 in 3 when looking at Gen Z and millennial pet parents have pet insurance.
  • Eco-Friendly Home Cooking: Roughly one-third of Gen Z and millennial pet parents make home-cooked meals or snacks for their pets.
  • Pet’s Night Out: Nearly 2 in 5 pet parents would take their pets to the movies with them; this increases to more than 1 in 4 for millennial pet parents.
  • Living Situations: Over half of pet parents report their pet was a deciding factor in choosing where to live and this increases to 75 percent for Gen Z pet parents.
  • Pet-Friendly Adventures: 58 percent of all pet parents include their pets on trips. This rises to 63percent for Gen Z pet parents, particularly determined to not leave their buddies behind.
  • Family Photos: Around half of all pet parents typically include their pets in family photos – this raises to 57 percent for Gen Z pet parents.
  • Chewing Problems Nearly 50 percent of pet parents report their dog has chewed shoes at least once; this is even higher for Gen Z and pet parents with a pet two years old or younger.
  • Dog Reactivity: While nearly 3 in 4 pet parents report reactive behavior in their dogs, 30 percent of Gen Z pet parents say their dog is reactive all the time.

“At Figo, we are constantly seeking to better understand the needs of pets and their people,” said Bridgett Colling, Marketing Director at Figo Pet Insurance. “We’re thrilled to share this new data that shines a light on the different generational experiences of pet parents – from serious topics such as reactivity to light-hearted ones such as celebrating birthdays. We want to meet pet parents of all ages where they’re at on their pet parenting journey – and help them have a bit of fun along the way.”

View the full research report to learn more.


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