July 10, 2020

First Results From Field Study Of RenoVō Equine Injury Treatment Show Notable Efficacy

Equine Amnio Solutions, a distributor of advanced, next-generation regenerative products derived from amniotic birth tissues, announced last week the first results from a large field study of RenoVō for soft tissue and orthopedic horse injuries.

RenoVō is an acellular, cryopreserved liquid allograft derived from equine amniotic tissues and is intended for equine use. Amniotic birth tissues are rich sources of bioactive factors involved in tissue regeneration with reported anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fibrotic properties. Donors are healthy mares and tissues are collected without harm to the mare or foal. RenoVō is manufactured by Equus Innovations and has been used on more than 2000 horses to date.

The study, entitled “A prospective case series investigating the outcome of horses with soft tissue and orthopedic injuries using RenoVō” was led by Principal Investigators Brent Hague and Mike Schoonover in partnership with the Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Criterion for inclusion was lameness attributed to tendonitis and desmitis by diagnostic anesthesia and/or imaging, resulting in 100 subjects with 128 lesions. Horses were treated by perilesional administration of RenoVō by the attending veterinarian with a minimum of six months follow-up.

Investigators concluded that use of this liquid amnion allograft for treatment of various tendon or ligament injuries offered comparable, or superior, outcomes to those reported in studies using various other regenerative medicine modalities. Overall, 72 percent of horses were reported to have returned to, or exceeded, their previous level of work. The product was also noted to have the distinct advantage of being readily available, requiring no preparation, processing or delay in treatment and a favorable adverse event profile. Attending veterinarians for 92 percent of the horses reported satisfaction with RenoVō and response to therapy. The associated manuscript for these results is currently in preparation. Data on subjects with orthopedic joint injuries will be released separately.

Christian Beaudry, Equus Innovations’ Chief Operating and Scientific Officer said, “These first study results provide compelling evidence for the product as a safe and efficacious option for the equine practitioner. We believe the results further establish RenoVō as a superior alternative to other modalities in the clinical management of equine soft tissue injury.”

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