June 11, 2018

Flick! wins Buyer’s Choice Award at ECRM Pet 2018

Naturél Promise’s natural flea & tick line, Flick! won the Buyer’s Choice Awards at ECRM Pet 2018, held in May 2018. Each year, ECRM’s new product showcase hosts several new products in multiple channels.  

“We’re truly excited to be awarded a Buyers Choice Award for our Flick! Natural Flea & Tick products. In a segment that is typically known for pesticides and chemicals, the Flick! Line proves a natural defense, killing fleas and ticks by contact,” said Eric Herroon of Naturèl Promise.

“We are thrilled to accept this award and look forward to creating new, innovative products in the years ahead,” Michelle McPherson of Naturèl Promise said.

Flick! Natural Flea & Tick For Dogs is a natural and effective defense against fleas and ticks. The line includes a dog shampoo, dog spray, carpet powder, house spray and yard spray.


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