May 20, 2020

Friendship Hospital for Animals in Washington, D.C. to Merge with Encore Vet Group

Washington DC’s Friendship Hospital for Animals will merge with Encore Vet Group, which owns 28 veterinary hospitals along the East Coast and Midwest.

Friendship’s COO Kieran Mara will take over as Friendship Hospital Director, effective immediately. No disruption to client service or patient care is expected.

Dr. Peter Glassman, former Director of Friendship said, “We were looking for a partner who would be a guardian of the Friendship legacy and culture. We are confident that Encore will maintain the quality of care of patients, clients and staff which is integral to who we are. Friendship has been a DC community resource for over eighty years. I am confident that under Encore’s leadership, the Hospital will continue to thrive and will play an important role in the growth of Encore’s specialty segment.”

Friendship Hospital for Animals has been privately owned and operated for the entirety of its 85 years, with Glassman serving as Director for the past 40. Situated just off of Wisconsin Avenue, on Brandywine street in the Tenleytown neighborhood of Washington DC, Friendship expanded its existing facility in 2015. The support of Encore Vet Group will allow Friendship to continue expanding its services and physical space.

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