January 12, 2021

Gaia’s Company Name Announces Availability of PET CBD TINCTURE

Today at Gaia’s Company Name grand opening launch it was announced immediate availability of PET CBD TINCTURE, a Premium CBD product line for dogs and cats. These are Lab-Tested by an independent third party, 100 percent THC-Free (Non-Psychoactive) and are available in tinctures & chews with quality assurance certificates and updated dosing instructions are published each month on our website.

“It’s a game changer in the homeopathic pet care space,” said Marissa Thomas, CFO at Gaia’s Company Name. PET CBD TINCTURE fostered relationships with sentient and focused establishments such as the “O Spa & Hotel” in Desert Hot Springs, California with a resident dog on site and has committed to sending each guest home with a sample treat for their pets.

“My dog clearly has a better day when I give it to him. During these unprecedented times things like this help create a more comforting environment for him,” said Theresa Sellers, of Los Angeles, California Web Site Designer and mom of three humans and one dog, “It really feels like a White Knight is caring for our 3-year-old small breed mix pup. Especially during the Fourth of July celebrations, having CBD drops are our failsafe to aid in allaying anxiety.” PET CBD TINCTURE is yet another demonstration of this remarkable team of devoted individuals who are committed to wellness and an overall holistic approach to life.

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