July 9, 2020

Gimborn USA Introduces Simply Kind Hearted Dog, Cat Treats

Simply Kind Hearted cat and dog treats are now available for sale on Amazon and at local independent pet specialty store throughout the United States and Canada. The brand offers two treat lines: Squeezables, which are premium oil-based lickable treats for cats and dogs with treating occasions including directly from the tube, by hand or on food as a topper; and Munchables, crunchy and tasty cat treats and cat milk replacement.

Gimborn USA, which owns the Simply Kind Hearted brand, partnered with an expert in the pet industry, North Carolina’s Trone Brand Energy to develop the name, packaging and website for Simply Kind Hearted. Pet parents who interact with the brand online, review it on Amazon or tag it on Instagram or TikTok could receive one free year of Simply Kind Hearted treats.

Squeezables, Munchables and Cat Milk Replacement were created to meet the needs of the North American pet parents and their pets. The brand offers 18 recipes: from Hairball Control to Vibrance, from Radiance to Dental Care. “In difficult times like the ones the world is now experiencing, topics such as holistic health and well-being are even more important. I love that we can provide pets all across North America with daily treats that are good for their health while being delicious and fun,” said Christine Kirby, Marketing Director.

Gimborn USA is a subsidiary of German-based H. von Gimborn GmbH. The company complies with all standards defined by AAFCO and FDA and boasts a world-class research and development facility in Germany.

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