April 26, 2024

Go! Solutions Expands Solutions-Oriented Premium Pet Food Collection with New Hairball Control and Urinary Care Recipe for Cats

Petcurean, the award-winning manufacturer of premium pet food brands Go! Solutions, Now Fresh, Summit and Gather, is delighted to announce the Canadian launch of its latest functional pet food recipe, Go! Solutions Hairball Control + Urinary Care. Formulated in collaboration with Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionists, this recipe helps control hairballs and discourage urinary struvite crystals and expands upon Petcurean’s popular Go! Solutions collection that is designed to support the unique dietary needs and preferences of pets. Go! Solutions Hairball Control + Urinary Care is available online in Canada and at select specialty retailers across Canada.

“Hairballs and urinary control are among the top concerns for cat owners. We also know that 88 percent of pet parents say that it’s important to take preventative measures to protect their pet’s health,” said Natalie Williams, Nutrition Manager at Petcurean. “With Go! Solutions Hairball Control + Urinary Care recipe for cats, we’re thrilled to offer a functional pet food solution that addresses these key concerns and helps to promote overall wellness for cats. And what better time to introduce this new recipe to Canadian cats than in recognition of National Hairball Awareness Day.”

The expanded Go! Solutions collection also features the brand’s first functional treat offering for dogs, Go! Solutions Benefit Chews and a complete and balanced meal option for cats, Go! Solutions Sensitivities Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Salmon Recipe. These new products are available online and at select specialty retailers across North America.

Recent research by Packaged Facts shows that functional pet food continues to be in demand, with 66 percent of dog and cat owners surveyed reporting that they are willing to spend more on pet foods with health and wellness benefits. Additionally, functional treats are top of mind, with 84 percent of dog parents expressing interest in purchasing products in this format and listing taste and enjoyment as the leading purchase drivers for treats.

“We are committed to helping pets live happy, healthy and long lives and that involves continually innovating with new, functional recipes and science-backed solutions,” continues Williams. “Our new products support our mission of creating superior-quality pet foods that meet consumer demand while ensuring that we deliver the taste that pets crave and the nutritional value that supports their overall health and wellbeing.”

  • Go! Solutions Hairball Control + Urinary Care features fibre-rich miscanthus grass and psyllium husk to promote the passage of swallowed hair through the digestive tract. The recipe also helps control urinary pH, encourages water intake to dilute urine and features controlled magnesium levels. Ingredients include supplemental L-tryptophan, which is key in the production of serotonin (the ‘happy’ hormone). Elevated stress is known to contribute to urinary tract health issues, so keeping cats happy is key to their health.
  • Go! Solutions Benefit Chews are made with premium-quality meat or fish as the first ingredient and offer functional nutrition in an irresistibly tasty bite. Benefit Chews are made with certified upcycled ingredients designed to reduce food waste and are packaged in resealable and recyclable packaging, making it a sustainable treat option.
  • These new products follow the recent launch of Go! Solutions Booster Recipes for Cats and Dogs, which are available in eight flavours and are sold online and at select specialty retailers across North America. Go! Solutions Booster Recipes for Cats provide a complete and balanced meal alternative while Go! Solutions Booster Recipes for Dogs serve as a topper to enhance the palatability of dry food.

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