June 24, 2022

Good Eggs Announces Expansion Into Pet Essentials

Good Eggs has introduced a curated selection of pet food, treats and supplements to its award-winning online marketplace, delivered same day. Marking its evolution as a full solution for the mindful household, customers across California can conveniently shop premium organic groceries, exceptional produce, seasonal selections of easy meal kits and ready-to-eat entrees – and now pet necessities.

“We consider our pets to be part of our families and believe the food they eat has a direct impact on their health and happiness, so adding the category was a natural next step for us,” said Good Eggs Chief Executive Officer Bentley Hall. “As we began the process of building the collection, we uncovered indifferent animal welfare standards and a lack of ingredient transparency in the industry. This discovery compelled us to start fresh and set a new, higher quality sourcing standard that reflects our values.”

As part of the brand’s commitment to its producers, people and the planet, the pet assortment has been painstakingly assessed based on a rigorous checklist of ethical and humane practices. Led by the same stringent, 100-point vetting process that defines Good Eggs, the brand’s foragers and experts have ensured only certified Global Animal Partnership (GAP) – creator of the most comprehensive farm animal welfare standards in North America – animal proteins and organic, non-GMO produce make it onto the site. The result is a unique and unparalleled collection of goods from top producers across the West, most of which have only previously been available through boutique distributors and shops.

Available on the Good Eggs website and through the app, customers can now browse hundreds of carefully curated items for pets. From dry, wet and raw foods to gently-cooked, fresh and dehydrated goods, assortment highlights include the only truly wild USDA-certified venison treats and antler chews in the country from Maui Nui Venison (Maui, HI), human-grade pure pork dog treats from storied salumeria Olympia Provisions(Portland, OR), grass-fed and humane-certified raw pet food from Cream Co. Meats (Oakland, CA), sustainably sourced wood fiber cat litter from Ökocat (Ferndale, WA) and ethically sourced supplements from Open Farm (Toronto, Canada), with meal kits for dogs and cats from Good Eggs Kitchen on the horizon.

Good Eggs’ delivery areas include California’s Bay Area, Napa Valley, Los Angeles and Orange County. For more information, visit Good Eggs or download the iOS app.


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