April 11, 2022

GoodTrust and Trupanion Partner to Promote Medical Insurance, Pet Directive Planning

GoodTrust and Trupanion encourage all pet parents to take care of their faithful friends with both high-quality medical insurance and by creating a clear pet directive.

The new pet directive from GoodTrust allows pet parents to better organize their pet’s records and establish how they wish their faithful friend to be taken care of if they pass away unexpectedly. For example, should the animal be given to a neighbor or a loved one as the pet’s guardian? What is their daily routine or health needs? How should the pet itself be raised by someone else? It’s not an easy subject for any pet parent, but as with any planning ahead it can provide a priceless peace of mind. The pet directive is also designed to be a helpful utility to keep everything related to your pet in one place that can be easily shared with others.

“We are pet lovers at heart,” said Rikard Steiber, GoodTrust CEO and founder. “In fact, many of our team are pet parents, including myself, and while we don’t want to think of these difficult subjects on a regular basis, we do want to empower people to take action and ensure their pets live a fulfilling life no matter what happens.”

In addition, pet directives inform your chosen pet guardian of any known medical issues, current treatment plans, health history, and which veterinarian they see.

Trupanion, a leader in medical insurance for pets, helps loving, responsible pet owners budget and care for their pets.

“We’re excited to partner with GoodTrust and recognize the importance of having a pet directive that addresses the continuous well-being of a beloved pet, in any situation,” said Randy Valpy, Vice President, Growth Partnerships of Trupanion. “Pet parents choosing to include a pet directive in their overall planning is a win for the pet, the pet owner, and veterinary professionals.”

GoodTrust also offers anyone the opportunity to create an entire estate plan from a will (you can also name your pet in your will) to advance health care directive to durable financial power of attorney. And GoodTrust offers innovative and practical ways to preserve and secure someone’s digital legacy by helping close accounts, retrieve valuable content like photos and even animate images to bring them to life in new ways.


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