July 20, 2023

Green Juju Moves to Recyclable Cartons for its Raw Goat’s Milk

Green Juju will now sell its highly popular Raw Goat’s Milk in recyclable cardboard cartons, the company recently announced. The shift from plastic to cardboard brings both environmental and practical benefits. Cardboard is a more recyclable and more renewable resource. The cartons also fit easier on store shelves and create more attractive packaging.

“This is something we’ve wanted to do for a while, and we’re glad that we’ve finally made it happen,” Green Juju founder Kelley Marian said. “We’ve gotten great feedback already from store owners and anyone who’s had a chance to get a sneak peek.”

Green Juju’s Raw Goat’s Milk is unique in the industry because it’s sold 100 percent pure, without any added probiotics. This gives pet parents the opportunity to feed it three different ways — raw straight from the carton, fermented with their choice of probiotics or made lactose-free for the most sensitive dogs and cats. The milk is sourced from pasture-raised goats on small farms in Central Pennsylvania, where Green Juju has built strong relationships with the farmers and a steady, secure supply of milk to meet the

market’s rising demand. The location and the farms were handpicked because of the exceptional soil density in Central Pennsylvania and the farmers’ dedicated efforts to strategic grazing that ensures the goats have daily access to nutritious, flourishing pastures.

The goats are milked in the early morning hours each day, and the milk is delivered directly to Green Juju’s facility nearby. Together, this makes Green Juju’s Raw Goat’s Milk the freshest, highest-quality milk on the market.

It’s also the best value with MSRPs at $6.99 for 16 oz., $10.99 for 32 oz. and $17.99 for 64 oz. It’s another example of Green Juju’s commitment to delivering the freshest, most nutritious pet foods and supplements and to the best, most-ethical sourcing in the industry.

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