March 3, 2023

Gronk Commits $1 Million to Anivive for Valley Fever Vaccines

Following his appearance at the WVC annual conference, 4-Time Super Bowl Champion and 5-Time NFL Pro-Bowler Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski, has committed $1 million to pet health start-up, Anivive, for future vaccines, following approval, to help fight Valley Fever and also raised valuable funds for leading pet charities.

Gronkowski attended the veterinary conference in Las Vegas to raise awareness of the work of Anivive, who were named 2022 Best Animal Health Company in North America by S&P Global and announced the vaccine pledge.

He also took part in a charity bull ride to raise funds for Petco Love, Morris Animal Foundation, Dogtopia Foundation, Banfield Foundation and VCA Charities, which generated $10,000 for the animal charities.

As the proud pet parent to his French Bulldog Ralphie, Gronk is committed to pets and their owners to have access to affordable and innovative care.

Anivive is currently developing an anti-fungal vaccine, which they hope will be available within the next 12 months and may become the first anti-fungal vaccine ever approved for any species. The application of this vaccine could help more than 30 million dogs who are at risk for Valley Fever.

Gronk’s donation will allow Anivive’s Valley Fever vaccine to be distributed to low-income families and animals within shelters across Arizona.

Rob Gronkowski commented: “I had a blast meeting all the veterinarians and vet nurses at WVC. It cemented my decision to want to be a part of saving pets lives with a company that is making treatments and vaccines that have never been done before.

“Rob’s commitment helps us expand our efforts to protect more pets and help them live happy, healthy and longer lives,” said Dylan Balsz, Anivive founder & CEO.

Valley Fever is most commonly found in Arizona and Anivive is actively looking for partners to facilitate the donations within the state.

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