July 1, 2020

Heirloom Pet Products Launches Pet Wellness Products Made from Water-Soluble Hemp

Heirloom Pet Products, a new entrant into the fast growing hemp-based pet products category has introduced the first three products in its portfolio: food toppers designed not only to improve the taste of food for finicky pets; but to also deliver a daily dose of water-soluble organic hemp with every bite to help promote a normal and relaxed disposition.

The first three Heirloom Pet Products are:

Zen Puppy – contains 150mg of water-soluble broad-spectrum hemp with delicious peanut butter and banana flavors. SRP: $21.99 / 2 oz. bag (approximately 30 servings; 5mg hemp per serving)

Whine Not – contains 150 mg of water-soluble broad-spectrum hemp with the yummy flavors of bacon and cheddar. SRP: $21.99/ 2 oz. bag (approximately 30 servings; 5mg hemp per serving).

Ruff and Ready – contains 150 mg of water-soluble broad-spectrum hemp with chicken flavor and a healthy dose of antioxidant-loaded turmeric to enhance bone and joint health. SRP: $21.99/2 oz. bag (approximately 30 servings; 5 mg hemp per serving).

“The word ‘heirloom’ evokes images of sacred family recipes like your grandmother’s go-to chicken soup or your great aunt’s cookies that made every visit a treat,” said Jason Lysak, CEO of Heirloom Pet Products. “We married that sensibility with modern technology – and a hefty dash of love – to create products that put your pet’s best paw forward.”

“Along our journey to develop the Heirloom product line we talked about hemp to pet parents across the country. Two things stood out – there has to be a better way to administer hemp extract and it has to start working faster.”

The Heirloom team started making a different product by studying how mammals digest and absorb hemp extract. They settled on organically-grown, water-soluble broad-spectrum hemp which starts to absorb and work significantly faster than other products using traditional hemp oil as an ingredient.

“Cats’ and dogs’ bodies are made up of 60-80 percent water. Hemp is an oil, so many products that deliver hemp in an oil format have limited absorption, which means less bioavailability,” explained Lysak. “By using a water-soluble product, we ensure the maximum bioavailability, which means Heirloom Pet Products work faster and are more effective.”

Heirloom Pet Products will be defined by exceptional quality from the start. They are GMP- and SQF-certified and are working with the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) to make sure their labels are clear and in compliance with guidelines.  All products are Veterinarian reviewed and supported by independently-conducted Certificates of Authenticity.

Heirloom Pet Products are initially available online here and are expanding nationwide during the summer.  Additional products will be released during the next several months.


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