Heska Expands Leadership Team April 22, 2020

Heska Expands Leadership Team

Heska Corporation, a provider of advanced veterinary diagnostic and specialty products, announced today that it will expand its leadership team, adding a Chief Commercial Officer, a Chief Administrative Officer, and a Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer, scil animal care company, to its current Executive Leadership Team. The executive leadership team changes are made to support Heska’s global expansion and growth, including its recent acquisition of scil animal care company GmbH (“scil”).

Kevin Wilson, Heska’s CEO and President said, “Companies that have strong balance sheets, growth opportunities, and reliable core businesses should invest, now, in their people and capabilities. It is clear to me that Heska is one of these companies. With our strong cash position, recent acquisitions and packed products pipeline, and solid core laboratory subscriptions performance, Heska is a well-positioned company in a great industry that is capable of quickly doubling customers, geography, and addressable revenue streams. Today, I am pleased to invest in our leadership structure to strengthen the influence of these wonderfully talented leaders guiding our success. Each of these executives has demonstrated excellent judgement, integrity, inspiration, smarts and energy, over many years. I am thankful that they choose to dedicate their talents to Heska and its stakeholders.”

Leadership changes in the Company’s Executive Team include:

  • Steve Eyl, Executive Vice President, promoted to Chief Commercial Officer, Heska and President, scil animal care company. Steve expands his responsibilities to include all global revenue and he becomes the top organizational leader of scil animal care company. Steve is based in Loveland, CO.
  • Eleanor Baker, promoted to Executive Vice President, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of scil animal care company, enters her new role as scil’s top operational and strategic leader based in Viernhiem, Germany.
  • Christopher Sveen, promoted to Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel, Heska and President, Diamond Animal Health. Christopher adds oversight of information technology and administrative functions to his legal and human resource duties, while assuming full strategic and operational responsibility of Heska’s Other Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals (“OVP”) business, located in Des Moines, Iowa. Christopher is based in Loveland, CO.

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