March 31, 2022

HHOLOVE Launches iPet Smart Little Box on Kickstarter

HHOLOVE has launched the iPet Smart Litter Box on the global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, marking the smart pet product brand’s official entry into the North American market.

The product’s hardware design concept is ergonomically engineered specifically for the domestic feline form. Completely remote controllable through the iOS and Android compatible app and equipped with eight safety devices, it not only has a self-cleaning function but also resolves the safety hazards of traditional automatic cat litter boxes.

The first generation of automatic cat litter box used a gravity sensor to prevent cats from being hurt when the device rotated, but in reality there were multiple factors, including “placement against the wall,” that could cause the gravity sensor to fail. In view of this, the HHOLOVE iPet Smart Litter Box has chosen a dual-patented sensor solution of “passive infrared sensor + microwave radar monitoring,” which can simultaneously sense objects from temperature and speed to trigger the pause mechanism, combined with a power-on self-test, over-current protection and kitten algorithm to effectively protect the pet’s safety.

In terms of adaptability, the cat toilet has also been upgraded. The first generation of intelligent cat litter boxes could only provide the self-cleaning function using a specific cat litter. Understanding that different types of cats have their unique preferences for various types of cat litter, the litter sieve plate and internal structure have been improved to ensure the device can fully adapt to various types of agglomerated (also known as clumping) cat litter, including bentonite, corn, wood shavings, etc., reducing the sticky wall of the 1.0 version and achieving a 60-second detachable structure, which ensures the product matches the wide-ranging needs of various cat-raising families.

The product has been certified by the FCC and the negative ion deodorization module is also certified by ETL. The product is listed at $699, which will further promote the popularity of smart cat litter boxes in the United States.

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