February 8, 2024

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Partners with “Critter Fixers” Vets to Help End Pet Obesity

Hill’s Pet Nutrition is teaming up with Drs. Vernard Hodges and Terrence Ferguson, stars of Nat Geo Wild’s “Critter Fixers: Country Vets,” to raise awareness of the pet obesity issue and share easy ways pet parents can help their dogs and cats lose weight and be healthier.

“A big factor in the growing obesity epidemic is awareness,” said Hodges. “One in three pet parents don’t recognize their pet’s weight issue.1 By joining the Hill’s Pet Nutrition End Pet Obesity campaign, we aim to spread the word about the importance of ending pet obesity.”

Even just one or two pounds of extra weight can impact pets’ energy and overall wellness. Extra weight also puts pets at higher risk for developing other medical conditions.

Hodges and Ferguson recommend these simple steps for monitoring a dog’s or cat’s weight.

Step 1: Act Now.
Even if pet parents think their pets are at the right weight, it’s important to watch out for changes.

“We encourage pet parents to take a proactive approach to maintaining their pet’s weight,” Ferguson said. “And that doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, it can be a positive experience, especially when pet parents partner with their vet.”

Step 2: Test the L.O.V.E.
Hill’s offers a simple online tool called the L.O.V.E. test that helps pet parents assess a pet’s weight by:

    • L: Locating the pet’s ribs
    • O: Observing from above
    • V: Viewing from the side
    • E: Evaluating feeding behavior

“The L.O.V.E. test is one of the easiest tests a pet parent can take,” Hodges said. “We like it because the results are valuable for pet parents and, if there are concerns, it gives them some simple points to discuss with their vet.”

Step 3: Feed the Right Food.
Pet parents who think their pet is overweight should consult their veterinarian. Switching to the right food helps make weight loss easier.

“The most important decision pet parents make each day is what to feed their pets,” Ferguson said. “Hill’s offers a variety of weight management foods that are specially formulated to help dogs and cats lose weight and keep the lost weight off naturally by activating their unique metabolism.”

More than 70 percent of pets lost weight within 10 weeks when fed Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight nutrition. For pets with more weight to lose, Hodges and Ferguson say they are more likely to recommend one of Hill’s Prescription Diet weight management products, powerful nutrition available through your veterinarian. When fed the nutrition of Hill’s Prescription Diet Metabolic, 96 percent of dogs lost weight at home in two months.

US Chief Veterinary Officer for Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Dr. Karen Shenoy, emphasizes the importance of Hill’s unique science-led approach to nutrition, so even pets that need to lose weight can enjoy mealtime.

“We’re partnering with the Critter Fixers to help more pet parents feel confident in approaching their pet’s weight-loss journey and to make it a positive experience,” said Shenoy. “Hill’s provides nutrition that helps pets naturally lose weight and stay playful and active, with flavor and an irresistible taste that pets love.”

Always consult your veterinarian to choose the right diet for your pet’s age, size and nutritional needs.

For more information and tips about managing pets’ weight, click here.


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