April 29, 2020

Home To Home Seeking Support of Kickstarter Campaign to Expand Pet Rehoming Program

Home To Home, an innovative pet rehoming program, is asking the public’s help to expand its foster and adoption web platform to help pets find loving homes as many shelters have had to close due to COVID-19. The cost for expansion is $150,000, which is gaining traction through a Kickstarter campaign.

Home To Home has partnered with 17 animal shelters around the nation in an effort to save pets from ever having to set a paw in an animal shelter and be put at risk for euthanasia.

“We’re always looking for ways to support the Home To Home program,” said Marty Becker, also known as America’s veterinarian. Becker has firsthand experience using the program to save Lazaruff, an emaciated pit bull-type dog, from death’s door. Lazaruff required months of medical assistance before he could find a new loving home. The Becker’s used Home To Home, so he would never have to be in an animal shelter.

In normal times, animal shelters take pets in when owners surrender them for reasons like financial hardship, housing instability or other life circumstances. Now, with shelters closed, turning away people who need to surrender a pet is the only option without a shelter-run program like Home To Home.

Founded by Panhandle Animal Shelter (PAS) in 2016, the program is a proven tool for keeping pets out of shelters and helping them be placed into their new homes. It has gained national recognition from animal welfare organizations for its lifesaving potential to reduce the staggering 733,000 animals euthanized every year in animal shelters due to resource constraints and a lack of space.

Uniquely, the program was designed just for animal shelters, who can often prevent the need for surrendering a pet with the resources they can offer. If surrendering is the only option, the shelter can use its vast network to find a new home for the pet without going through the stress of waiting in a shelter.

To support the campaign, visit the Home to Home Kickstarter and make a pledge by May 9.


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