May 16, 2023

IAMS Nutrition, Wisdom Panel Partner to Provide Pet Parents Betters Pet Care Options

The IAMS brand and Wisdom Panel, both part of the Mars family, are coming together to combine DNA technology and science-based nutrition so pet parents can help keep their pets healthy for life.

The IAMS brand and Wisdom Panel are working together to arm pet parents with knowledgeable DNA-specific insights that empower them to make confident, proactive decisions regarding their pet’s health and wellbeing, including making the right nutritional choices for them.

“The work between the IAMS brand and Wisdom Panel is the latest example of marrying nutrition with advanced technology and breed-specific insights to support the health of our loving pets,” said Jean-Paul Jansen, Vice President of Marketing for Mars Petcare North America. “IAMS and Wisdom Panel are helping pet parents unlock a deeper understanding of their unique pet and providing proactive ways to care for them throughout every life stage.”

Here is how the partnership works:

  • Following the purchase of a WISDOM PANEL Test, a pet parent swabs their pet and mails the test using a prepaid mailer.
  • After 2-3 weeks, results are delivered to their inbox.
  • Go to and select the “IAMS Food Finder Quiz“.
  • Pet parents take the quiz and input select information from their pet’s WISDOM PANEL results.
    • By understanding a pet’s genetics, the IAMS brand can recommend feeding products with nutrition tailored to the pet’s unique needs.
  • The IAMS Food Finder provides a personalized nutrition recommendation along with proactive tips and tricks.
  • If pet parents have any questions, they can chat live online with licensed vet techs or nutrition advisors through the IAMS brand’s new PETconnect service.

“As the most accurate pet DNA test on the market, Wisdom Panel helps uncover breed-specific insights and genetic predispositions that give pet parents a better understanding of their pet’s unique needs,” said Christine Fong, General Manager at Wisdom Panel. “Together with IAMS, we are providing pet parents with more knowledge to make proactive decisions about their pet’s care.”

For more information on the partnership, as well as to take the IAMS Food Finder Quiz for your pet visit IAMS and Wisdom Panel.

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