IcelandicPlus Voluntarily Recalls Whole Capelin Fish Pet Treats as it Exceeds FDA Size Restrictions March 31, 2020

IcelandicPlus Voluntarily Recalls Whole Capelin Fish Pet Treats as it Exceeds FDA Size Restrictions

IcelandicPlus announced earlier this month it was voluntarily recalling its Capelin Pet Treats because some of the fish had exceeded the FDA compliance guideline for fish larger than 5 inches. 

The FDA has determined that salt-cured, dried, or fermented uneviscerated fish larger than five inches have been linked to outbreaks of botulism poisoning in humans between 1981 and 1987 and again in 1991. Since some IcelandicPlus Capelins are larger than 5 inches there is a possible health risk.

“To date there have been no reported illnesses of dogs, cats, or persons in connection with Capelin,” the company said in a statement. “Nor has there been any positive test results for Clostridium botulinum from any IcelandicPlus Capelin, but because of the potential risk, and despite no known illnesses in connection with our products, we have decided in co-operation with the FDA, to announce this product recall.”

Clostridium botulinum toxin can cause severe clinical signs including death in both animals consuming the pet treat and people handling the pet treat or coming in contact with contact areas that have been exposed to the product. Common symptoms may include dizziness, blurred or double vision, trouble with speaking or swallowing, difficulty breathing, muscle weakness, abdominal distension and constipation. Officials recommended owners consider that several of the listed symptoms, such as double vision, cannot be easily assessed in animals or conveyed by an animal. Pets or persons experiencing these symptoms should seek immediate medical attention.

The Capelin product was shipped to distributors in the US with the intent to be sold to retailers and then consumers. This product would be found in Independent Pet Specialty Stores within all States in the US.

The full FDA announcement can be found here.

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