March 13, 2019

InClover to introduce brand ambassador ‘Lulu’ at Global Pet Expo

On March 13, 2019 InClover Research announced they will introduce their new brand ambassador guide dog ‘Lulu’ at their booth during Global Pet Expo 2019. Lulu will be accompanied by her owner Trevor Thomas, the only blind long-distance hiker in the world.

“Trevor Thomas has been redefining society’s definition of what it means to be blind. He first gained notoriety when less than two years after losing his sight, became the first totally blind person to complete a solo thru-hike of the famed Appalachian Trail,” the company told media outlets. Since, Trevor has continued to shock the world by hiking more than 22,000 miles and completing thru-hikes of the most difficult and demanding distance trails in North America.

For the past seven years, he has hiked exclusively with his specially trained guide dog, Tennille, from Guide Dogs for the Blind. Against all odds, the pair have hiked more than 10,000 miles together until her retirement in 2018. Trevor is now starting a new chapter in his continually evolving hiking career and is training Tennille’s successor, Honolulu, for backcountry guide work. This season, the new pair will begin a new series of adventures which will take them further into the backcountry than ever before. They will go alone, without the aid of any human partner, guide or GPS.


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