January 18, 2024

Independence Pet Group and Free, LLC, Team Up to Improve Emotional Wellbeing Care for Pets

Independence Pet Group (IPG), a leader in pet insurance and services and Fear Free, LLC, a revolutionary animal health and welfare online education company, announced today a new strategic relationship to increase the accessibility and education of Fear Free practices and pet insurance in an effort to further pets’ emotional and physical wellbeing.

ince 2016, Fear Free has educated 265,000+ pet industry professionals, volunteers and pet parents on how to help relieve fear, anxiety and stress in pets. As Fear Free’s latest Corporate Program Member, IPG’s pet insurance brands will be Fear Free’s pet insurance providers of choice. IPG’s brands include Figo Pet Insurance, Felix Cat Insurance, ASPCA Pet Health Insurance and AKC Pet Insurance in the US and Pets Plus Us in Canada.

“Independence Pet Group recognizes pet health is holistic and it’s critical to address both a pet’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Through this relationship, our brands will provide pet parents with best-in-class content on how to address and support their pet’s behavioral and emotional wellbeing, further strengthening the bond they share with their pet,” said Nilpa Srivastava, Chief Marketing Officer, Independence Pet Group.

Fear, anxiety and stress in pets has been linked to inaccurate diagnostics, aggression at the vet and other issues.1 Because of this, many pet owners, such as cat owners, steer clear of the vet, further inhibiting their felines from receiving routine care for both physical and emotional needs. To further support feline health, the Felix Cat Insurance program and Fear Free will create informational content for both industry professionals and pet parents to help reduce fear and alleviate stress and anxiety for pets when it comes to getting the care they need.

“We are passionate about listening to the needs of animal health professionals and the new generation of pet owners and providing information and resources to fit those needs,” said Randy Valpy, Chief Executive Officer, Fear Free. “We are thrilled to welcome Independence Pet Group to Fear Free as our pet insurance provider of choice as we know this organization shares these values and we anticipate this alliance to serve as a catalyst in bettering pet health.”

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For more information about Fear Free, visit: here.



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