March 3, 2023

International Franchise Association Recognizes Scenthound Franchisees Joseph and Kathryn Pizzurro

The International Franchise Association (IFA) has announced that Joseph and Kathryn Pizzurro, franchise owners of the Gainesville, FL locations of dog wellness concept Scenthound, have been recognized as 2023 Franchisees of the Year. The annual award program recognizes outstanding franchise establishment owner-operators that are selected for their service to their communities, fostering a strong and vibrant workforce, opening the doors for career growth and entrepreneurship and supporting their fellow franchisees.

The Pizzurros joined the Scenthound family after more than 30 years in the corporate world, opening their Gainesville location in May 2021. They were drawn to Scenthound’s wellness-focused concept by their desire to bring local pet owners an option for routine care that would lead to happier, healthier dogs. Since opening, their location has serviced almost 3,000 local dogs through Scenthound’s monthly membership and offerings that address five core areas of needed care — Skin, Coat, Ears, Nails and Teeth.

“The Pizzurros embraced Scenthound’s franchise model and culture from the start, as they consistently prioritize the health and wellness of the dogs in their care while fostering a team-first environment for their staff,” said Tim Vogel, CEO and Founder of Scenthound. “Their unwavering dedication to Scenthound’s values and commitment to delivering exceptional customer experience has proven them to be outstanding franchise partners. They not only excel in their own operations but also actively contribute to the growth and development of the franchise community through their willingness to support and engage with other franchisees.”

Joseph and Kathryn were standouts within Scenthound before the doors of their location even opened. Prior to opening, they set the systemwide record for the most pre-sale memberships and since have maintained one of the largest Scenthound membership communities. This performance earned them two recognitions at Scenthound’s 2022 Franchisee Conference — Franchisee of the Year and Pre-Sale Powerhouse. In addition, they are extremely community-minded, working through Scenthound’s “Clean Start” program to offer free services to the local humane society, shelters and other rescue programs to prepare dogs for adoption. New dog parents that adopt through these organizations also receive a free service from the Pizzurros’ location, along with teaching them about the importance of routine care.

“Our ultimate goal is to partner with pet parents to help provide their dogs with the routine care needed to stay clean and healthy. We love what we do and are honored to have received this award,” said Joseph Pizzurro. Kathryn Pizzurro added, “Our journey with Scenthound has been so fulfilling, to be able to see the impact that we have on the wellness of the dogs that come through our doors. We look forward to continuing to serve our community’s pets in the years to come.”

Scenthound continues to look for franchise partners who, like the Pizzurros, are passionate about keeping dogs happy and healthy. For more information about development opportunities, visit Franchise Scenthound.





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