February 26, 2016

Interview with Laura Baugh-Finley of Himalayan Dog Chew

Laura Baugh-Finley, sales and marketing manager for Himalayan Dog Chew explains how the pet industry is mirroring pet owners’ efforts to lead healthier lifestyles and better nutrition is essential to guaranteeing pets live longer and happier lives.


How is Himalayan addressing consumers’ demands for cleaner, healthier dog treats?

The trends we see in the pet industry mirror those we see in the human food industry. As such, consumers are demanding a better quality of consumable for their pets. Himalayan Dog Chew (HDC) meets this demand by redefining the chew category. Our product is the first of its kind, handmade from all natural ingredients, with no preservatives or binding agents.

How does your company determine which ingredients to use?

Himalayan Dog Chew is made from only four ingredients; yak milk, cow milk, salt and lime juice. These are the same ingredients that have been used for many years in Nepal to make a human grade version of our product. We’re proud of our Nepalese history and tradition, and each ingredient is a key part of Himalayan Dog Chew.

Why is this focus on offering pets increasingly nutritious and clean diets so important to pet owners?

We all love our pets and we want them to live long and happy lives. Nutrition is the cornerstone to that longevity. Feeding our pets healthy ingredients, better prepares their immune system, and helps to keep them active.

What have been effective methods retailers have used to educate consumers about treat safety and how your company is ensuring treats are safe for pets?

With increased avenues for information we are seeing everything from bulletin boards to social media posts regarding new and important treat safety messages. With so many mediums it is important to utilize each method. Quality Control is of the utmost importance at Himalayan Dog Chew. We develop these treats with meaning, each ingredient serving a purpose. We maintain that integrity from the smallest raw materials to the trucks used to transport our products. The details matter.

How does Himalayan strengthen trust amongst retailers and consumers when it comes to ensuring your treats are safe?

Pet parents look to Himalayan Dog Chew to provide a safe and healthy chew. What makes HDC stand out is the ability to maintain this integrity while remaining competitive in the chew category. In order for a product to excel, the first and most important qualification is safety. Himalayan Dog Chew is all natural and digestible, which eases the minds of consumers.



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