February 26, 2016

Interview with Mark Hughes, Swheat Scoop

Pet Insight spoke with Mark Hughes of Pet Care Systems about Swheat Scoop, the company’s brand of cat litter made from processed wheat.


Who do you see as your major competition?  

We still see all clumping clay litters as major competition. Clay litter users represent the largest segment of the category. Although alternative litters are the only growing segment of the litter industry.


What new types of items, if any, will you begin producing this year?  

We will offer a new 7 lb. size in all three formulas: Original, Multi-Cat and Lightly Scented.


What would you say is your “flagship” product or line? 

We only produce wheat litter. Wheat is unique in that it is patented and wheat contains two unique properties, which make it a great litter: Starches, which form firm solid clumps, and enzymes, which react with and neutralize odor enzymes in cat waste. I believe we are the only single-ingredient cat litter on the market.


How was Swheat Scoop affected by the recession? 

The recession has not affected us. We always say two things without a budget are grandchildren and pets. People want the best, safest products for their pets.


Are you satisfied with your company’s online/social media presence? 

We have made an extra effort to grow this area in recent years. So, yes.


What types of retailers do you prefer working with? 

We work with all types large and small with no preference between the two. Education is key to introducing new users to the benefits of wheat litter and other alternative litters. Store employees are key for that help.


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