February 26, 2016

Interview with Sharon DaDalto of leanlix

Pet Insight talked to Sharon DaDalto of leanlix about promoting healthy lifestyles for pets, beginning with the treats they consume. By manufacturing treats in house, the company has more control over the precautions taken to ensure pets are safe, which gives leanlix confidence the treats they offer are safe for pets.


How is Ieanlix addressing consumers’ demands for cleaner, healthier dog treats?

The focus of leanlix has always been to promote a healthy and active pet  lifestyle. The best thing we can do for them is to provide a healthy diet, lots of exercise and watch the calorie intake. According to studies, more than 54 percent of dogs are overweight, which contributes to so many health issues. This by far is the biggest concerns of vets today.


How does your company determine which ingredients to use?

Pet owners want healthy pets that live long and happy lives, and leanlix walks the talk. Customers can be assured that we have done our homework in providing healthy low calorie options for them to determine what is best for their family. Our products are made from start to finish in our warehouse in Seattle, Washington by our leanlix team. Ingredients are carefully chosen using industry specific consultants that keep our highest standards of quality in mind. All of our ingredients are made and sourced in the USA with the exception of one which is made in France. Due to the fact that we manufacture leanlix in house, this gives us a vast amount of control over the product and all the aspects of production. We even manufacture our own plastic dispenser 60 miles north of Seattle, no aspect of leanlix is untouched by our hands.


What have been effective methods retailers have used to educate consumers about treat safety and how your company is ensuring treats are safe for pets?

We provide a lot of information to the retailer in regards to the product and the length we go to ensure the quality. We also believe that just by looking at leanlix and the packaging and visual aspects, it sends a message to the customers that we have not cut corners and we produce a high quality product from inside out. A lot of thought and work has gone into all aspects of leanlix to make sure we are serving our customers well and helping them fill a need to promote a healthy lifestyle for the whole family.


How does Ieanlix strengthen trust amongst retailers and consumers when it comes to ensuring your treats are safe?

The customers or retailers are always welcome to call or send questions they may have in regards to the ingredients or nutritional aspects, and I personally will answer each one of them. If there is something that is out of my scope, I will go to the leanlix consultant team  which include vets, trainers, pet nutrition experts or ingredient suppliers to get their question answered. This helps build the relationship and their confidence by getting to know us and our mission. We believe that using leanlix as one tool in your belt promoting a lifestyle of diet and exercise will not only benefit your pup but the entire family.


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