February 26, 2016

Interview with Staci Gouveia, Bayer Animal Health

Pet Insight spoke with Staci Gouveia, of Bayer HealthCare’s Animal Health Division, to speak about Bayer’s best-selling and newest products for pets.


Who do you see as your major competition?

Bayer HealthCare Animal Health has numerous products that compete across many markets.


What new types of items, if any, will you begin producing this year?

2013 is a busy year for Bayer HealthCare Animal Health! We launched Seresto, a new alternative to spot-on topical and oral flea and tick prevention that combines effectiveness and convenience. It offers effective, eight-month protection against fleas and ticks that gives pet owners the performance they expect from their monthly topical.


Another product launched at the beginning of 2013 is Veraflox Oral Suspension. It is the first feline-only antibiotic formulation in its class to be approved by the FDA.


Most recently, Bayer HealthCare Animal Health expanded their product portfolio and introduced seven products to the market as the company continues the integration process following the recent acquisition of Teva Animal Health Inc. Six dermatology products were reintroduced and are now available.


What would you say is your “flagship” product or line?

The Advantage family of flea control products for dogs and cats was again one of Bayer HealthCare’s best-selling products in 2012, generating annual sales of roughly € 495 million. The line of products includes: Advantage II for dogs, AdvantageII for cats, K9 Advantix II, Advantage Multifor cats and Advantage Multi for dogs.


Are you satisfied with your company’s online/social media presence?

As digital media continues to play a more and more critical role in the business world, Bayer HealthCare Animal Health is building a more prominent presence in the social sphere.  With a global Bayer HealthCare Facebook page, a Bayer U.S. YouTube channel, the launch of a new US Twitter handle coming soon, among other things, we are pleased to be increasing our visibility and increasing engagement in many channels.

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