January 18, 2022

Introducing Dandylion – Dog Wash Products, Reimagined

Introducing Dandylion – a new-to-market brand that is reimagining the dog grooming category with better-for-you ingredients, human personal care standards and aesthetic packaging that’s meant to be displayed. Dandylion’s ultra-gentle formulations are fragrance-free and formulated without sulfates, drying alcohols, artificial fragrances and dyes and essential oils – developed for the most sensitive of skin in mind.

Founded by Carolyn Chen, a former Bain & Company consultant and the entrepreneur behind clean beauty brands Vesca and Orosa (with collaborations with TikTok powerhouses Charli and Dixie D’Amelio), Dandylion was developed out of a need for ultra-gentle, fragrance-free formulations for dogs with itchy skin issues, like her cockapoo Mocha.

“There has been a recent movement in the human personal care and beauty space towards formulating with better-for-you ingredients; however, the same level of care has not been devoted to developing better dog grooming products,” said Chen. “The dog care industry is relatively unregulated with no product testing standards, lack of ingredient transparency and misleading ingredient lists. Although skin-related issues dominate veterinary visits, most products on the market are riddled with potential irritants. We’re on a mission to change the dog care industry by creating products that put our dogs’ health first and building a brand that dog parents can resonate with.”

Dandylion built a passionate community of more than 100 dog parents to crowdsource ideas on how to make better products for their dogs and test and provide feedback on formulations. Together with input from a board-certified veterinary dermatologist, groomers and chemists, Dandylion created two premium dog wash essentials, including:

  • Soothe Gentle Cleansing Dog Shampoo: An aloe and cucumber enriched shampoo that gently cleanses while soothing and hydrating fur and skin.
  • Nourish Gentle Hydrating Dog Conditioner: A hydrating conditioner enriched with coconut oil and glycerin, to gently nourish and soften the coat.

All products are pH balanced for dogs, made with 98.8 percent natural ingredients, vegan and cruelty-free.

Dandylion products are not only kind on our dogs’ skin but kind to the planet as well. Dandylion bottles are 100 percent recyclable and shipped in environmentally-friendly packaging. Products are available exclusively here for $18 USD / $22 CAD each and ship to both the US and Canada.

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