June 13, 2024

Introducing Glo Boxie’s Revolutionary Cat Litter

Boxie, a trailblazer in the realm of pet care products, proudly unveils Glo, an innovative cat litter solution designed to revolutionize the feline litter box experience. Glo represents a groundbreaking advancement in litter technology, leveraging patent-pending UV crystals to guide cats to their litter box with unprecedented precision.

Fueled by a passion for enhancing the lives of both cats and their owners, Boxie embarked on extensive research to uncover insights into feline behavior and preferences. Recent studies revealing that cats possess the ability to perceive UV light prompted the realization that light could serve as a natural attractant to facilitate litter box usage. Thus, Glo was born, harnessing the innate instincts of cats to create a seamless elimination experience.

Founder Josh Wiesenfeld shares his inspiration behind Glo, stating, “Every year, millions of beloved cats are surrendered to shelters due to litter box aversion. This heartbreaking reality sparked the idea for Glo – a litter solution engineered to guide cats to their litter box and mitigate common behavioral issues.”

The overarching goal of Glo litter solutions is to support cats through all stages of life’s transitions, recognizing that cats are creatures of comfort whose behavioral issues are often linked to stress or health concerns. By prioritizing elements such as paw feel, scent attractants and the proprietary UV Glo crystals, Boxie provides a proactive solution to address the health and well-being of feline companions.

Josh further emphasizes Boxie ‘s commitment to proactive cat care, stating, “Many existing litters are reactive, focusing on monitoring cat health after the fact or addressing issues post-use. Glo aims to change that narrative by proactively supporting cat health before problems arise. From FLUTD to asthma and inappropriate elimination, our products are designed to prevent these issues at their source.”

Initial feedback and testing of Glo have yielded overwhelmingly positive results, with owners reporting significant improvements in litter box usage. Josh notes, “We’ve received countless testimonials from owners whose cats, previously prone to eliminating on soft surfaces, are now consistently using the litter box. At Boxie, we prioritize the well-being of cats, humans and homes alike – achieving litter box success is a victory for all parties involved.”

One of the primary challenges Boxie faces in promoting Glo is the invisibility of the UV crystals to the human eye. Josh acknowledges, “It can be difficult to convey how Glo works when the UV crystals are indistinguishable from traditional litter. However, with the simple application of UV light, the effectiveness of Glo becomes immediately evident.”

Glo represents a paradigm shift in the realm of cat litter, offering a proactive solution to address common feline behavioral issues and promote the health and happiness of cats and their owners.

For more information about Glo and other Boxie products, please visit here.

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