January 12, 2024

Jolly Pets Spreads Cheer with Generous Donation

Jolly Pets, a leading provider of innovative and durable pet toys made in the USA, is donating 1,000 toys to participating shelters across the country, offering a touch of joy and comfort to the furry friends awaiting a loving home. The donation comes as a result of the overwhelming support and engagement from the community during the annual #WeGiveAJolly charitable campaign, which kicked off on Giving Tuesday.

Louisa Casto, Marketing Director of Jolly Pets, said, “At Jolly Pets, we believe in the power of play and its ability to bring joy and happiness. We are thrilled to take our commitment to the well-being of animals a step further by donating 1,000 toys to shelters involved in our #WeGiveAJolly campaign. These toys will not only provide physical and mental stimulation but will also serve as a reminder to these dogs that they are cared for and loved.”

The company remains committed to making a positive impact on the lives of shelter animals by providing not only financial support but also tangible items that enhance the well-being of the dogs in need. As part of the #WeGiveAJolly campaign, Jolly Pets has been actively encouraging people to join the movement by sharing stories, photos and videos of their pets enjoying Jolly Pets toys on social media using the hashtag.

For more information about Jolly Pets and the #WeGiveAJolly campaign, visit Jolly Pets.

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