JustFoodForDogs Opens First East Coast Master Kitchen April 15, 2020

JustFoodForDogs Opens First East Coast Master Kitchen

JustFoodForDogs, creator of a leading veterinarian recommended fresh food for pets, opened a 21,000-square-foot master kitchen in Delaware, according to media reports. The facility is expected to produce 30,000 pounds of premium pet food each day.

Based on official reports, the company had planned to hire 50 employees over the course of three years, but are expected to be on the job within two months with 25 more employees joining them soon.

“We’ve seen a huge uptick in demand—it’s part of why the new kitchen is expanding so quickly,” said JustFoodForDogs’ CEO Carey Tischler. “We believe it’s partly due to consumers stocking up on food for their pets in addition to food for themselves, and partly that this crisis is leading a lot of people to consider eating a healthier diet themselves, which encourages them to consider the same for their pets.”

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