February 2, 2022

K9 Comfort Spray Uses Pet Parent’s Scent in Dog Calming Solution

Animal Science Labs, makers of K9 Comfort Spray, can now bottle a dog owner’s actual scent molecules in a highly concentrated formula, which to their dog smells like a room full of their favorite person’s scent surrounded by their love and comfort. With the launch of their newest formulation, Earmuffs Anti-Anxiety Spray, which contains a pet parent’s scent plus all natural therapeutic-grade essential oils, dogs no longer need to suffer during loud noises. To collect the personalized scent and create this new product, pet owners will receive a collection kit in the mail, rub a few cotton pads around their body and send it back to be processed.

Earmuffs Anti-Anxiety Spray is formulated to bring a sense of calm and comfort when used prior to any stressful event. Sounds that dogs fear include:

  • Fireworks
  • Thunderstorms
  • Loud Vehicles including airplanes
  • Crying Babies
  • Alarms/Sirens
  • Vacuums

Research by Emory University found that dog owner’s scent is scientifically proven to trigger happiness within dog’s brain. MRIs confirmed, over any other scent (including sausage!), the owner’s scent created the most positive, happy emotions -even when not present! When a dog breathes in Earmuffs Anti-Anxiety Spray containing their owner’s scent, the results are a calmer, more relaxed dog.

“Anyone whose experienced their dogs suffering from noise anxiety knows how helpless they feel,” said Leslie Yellin, Co-Founder of Animal Science Labs, makers of K9 Comfort Spray. “Witnessing the transformation in people’s dogs when using this product is life changing not just for the dogs but their humans too.”

Earmuffs Anti-Anxiety Spray is 100 percent natural. Ingredients include essential oils known for calming properties such as lavender, spikenard, neroli and human molecular extraction (HME™), a highly concentrated extract of the dog owner’s scent molecules. To humans, HME has no noticeable scent. This combination soothes dogs while reducing noise-induced anxiety.

Pet parents spray their dog’s favorite blanket, bed, toy or bandana before loud noises or changes in their environment. Earmuffs Anti-Anxiety Spray, as well as a full line of calming products, are available on K9 Comfort Spray and on Amazon.


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