Kabo Fresh Dog Food Launches Kabo Health for Virtual Pet Care April 3, 2020

Kabo Fresh Dog Food Launches Kabo Health for Virtual Pet Care

Kabo Fresh Dog Food, the largest direct-to-consumer fresh dog food brand in Canada, will provide cat and dog owners in Canada the ability to book online veterinary consultations free of charge, to ensure safe and accessible healthcare for pets.

Kabo Health enables people across Canada to talk with a board certified veterinarian through phone or video chat about their pet health concerns. Any Canadian pet owner can receive guidance on how to best care for their pet during these times.

“Connecting pet parents with licensed veterinarians from the safety of their homes is simply the right thing to do,” says Vino Jeyapalan, CEO and Co-Founder of Kabo. “And by providing this service for free, pet parents will have one less financial concern during these times.”

The service can alleviate pressure on overburdened emergency care animal hospitals, the companion animal healthcare system and provide peace of mind to concerned pet owners with nowhere else to turn.

“This will take the pressure and load off the clinics, give everyone, including your pet, a less stressful visit if you do end up going to the clinic or perhaps resolve the issue with one simple phone call or video chat,” said Dr. Suzee Camilleri.

According to a company press release, there has been a 492 percent increase in Google searches for vet telehealth services in Canada for the week of March 14 to March 27 (compared with two weeks prior). Kabo Health will allow any Canadian to go to health.kabo.co to book a free appointment to address their pet health concerns. Kabo Health is employing veterinarians that are quarantined, working from home or out-of-work.

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