December 13, 2023

Katherine Heigl’s Badlands Ranch Celebrates 3+ Million Bags of Superfood Complete Dog Food Sold

Badlands Ranch, established by actress, animal advocate and philanthropist Katherine Heigl, has sold more than 3 million bags of its bestselling dog food, Superfood Complete. Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete is an air-dried dog food meticulously crafted to deliver peak freshness and optimal nutrition. Designed with a blend of superfoods, it is specially engineered to support your dog’s skin, coat, digestive health, immune system and vitality.Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete is formulated with responsibly raised beef, nutrient-rich organ meats, omega-rich salmon, gut-friendly vegetables and specific superfoods selected to support a dog’s health, including chia seeds and lion’s mane mushrooms. This nutritionally dense combination contributes to enhancing your dog’s overall health, supporting their digestive system, fostering vibrant energy levels and helping promote agile joints for comfortable mobility.

What sets Superfood Complete apart is the innovative culinary method applied by Badlands Ranch. Its “low and slow” cooking approach is adept at averting the potential creation of detrimental by-products that can result from high-heat cooking processes. Additionally, an air-drying process is utilized to retain the nutritional integrity and excellence of the product, all achieved without the use of artificial preservatives or meat meal. This process ensures your dog’s diet is packed with wholesome, delicious ingredients. Badlands Ranch exclusively sources ingredients from suppliers who share a commitment to the humane treatment of animals, a testament to their unwavering compassion for all living beings.

Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete can be purchased at Badlands Ranch for the price of $59.95 per bag. Badlands Ranch provides free shipping on US orders greater than $50 and a 90-day money-back guarantee (minus shipping). Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete also comes in a special Chicken Flavor.

How to Use Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete
When beginning to use Badlands Ranch Superfood Complete, it is important to transition your dog slowly to help their digestive system adapt. Badlands Ranch recommends slowly increasing the amount of Superfood Complete while decreasing the amount of their old food until their bowl is completely full of Superfood Complete.

Follow the chart on the Badlands Ranch website here to make sure your dog has the smoothest transition to eating Superfood Complete. Badlands Ranch also recommends serving clean, fresh water with each meal and ground their nutritious food with water for dogs who cannot chew.

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