August 2, 2021

kathy ireland Worldwide Enters Brand Partnership with The Green Pet Shop

kathy ireland Worldwide (kiWW) has forged a brand partnership with The Green Pet Shop, a top-of-the-line eco-friendly pet product manufacturer based in Deerfield, IL, according to The Green Pet Shop CEO Larry Wright and Vice President Brian Frazier Wright.

“We are thrilled and humbled to welcome Kathy Ireland and her team to our Green Pet Shop family. kathy ireland Worldwide is the most powerful woman-owned licensing company in the world and we could not be happier with this partnership as we are gearing up for the expansion of our Cool Care Technologies line. Our mission of sustainability, philanthropy, passion for pets and a family atmosphere fits perfectly with the philosophy at kathy ireland Worldwide. We look forward to collaborating with Kathy and her incredible team to bring our eco-friendly products to many more pets and their parents nationally and internationally for years to come!”

“We are delighted to welcome Larry and Brian and the entire The Green Pet Shop family to kiWW,” said Kathy Ireland, Chair, CEO and Chief Designer of kiWW, who will enter the Licensing Hall of Fame this year as the youngest inductee in history. “We are privileged and blessed to care for our pets. We are their guardians and they are our loved ones. Since our company’s inception, kiWW’s mission is to bring our customers the best quality, safest and affordable products for all our family members, including our beloved four-legged ones. This collaboration brings our customers the best in eco-friendly pet products, which helps us to continue fulfilling one of our company’s Millennium Development Goals of ensuring environmental sustainability.”

“We congratulate The Green Pet Shop on their success and desire to work with Kathy and our team as we go forward to serve loved ones and their guardian families,” said Jon Carrasco and Stephen Roseberry, Worldwide Creative Director and President/CMO of kathy ireland Worldwide. Brian Nguyen, kiWW’s Director of Marketing negotiated the relationship.

This new strategic partnership specifically encompasses The Green Pet Shop’s patented Cool Pet Pad – a pressure-activated, cooling pet bed – and the option to license The Green Pet Shop’s full line of eco-friendly products, including: eco-waste bags, warming mats, bamboo training pads, bamboo bowls and more. This also opens the door to grow and expand the Cool Care Technologies line — a sister company owned by The Green Pet Shop that incorporates the same patented cooling gel technology for human use. The CCT product line includes: the Cool Flash Pillow and the Cool Flash Body Pad.

All products will be marketed as kathy ireland: Loved Ones.

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