KC Canine’s Products Join Rogue Pet Science May 11, 2020

KC Canine’s Products Join Rogue Pet Science

The Texas-based natural pet product development company, Rogue Pet Science, announced the merging of KC Canine‘s pet treat line under the Rogue brand of products. The product will be sold under the name KC Strips and will not undergo any changes in ingredients, ingredient sources or manufacturing.

Rogue Pet Science has been grinding out a space for themselves in the pet marketplace for the last three years with a grass-roots approach to building a brand reputation with customers before expanding. When COVID-19 hit, they were forced to adapt their business model and try new ways of doing business to survive.

Rogue started an aggressive online marketing & sales strategy to overcome the lack of in-store purchases. Rogue also wanted to find a small company to complement their product line and grow the business. They needed a company with established products, supply chain and customers due to budget and resources. Most importantly, the products needed to fit who Rogue is, a natural pet products company, creating new and unique products for pets.

Rogue found a company called KC Canine, makers of a full line of single protein dog treats. Bill Schwing, the owner, did something very special with KC Canine. He created soft jerky treats for dogs with U.S. sourcing and traceability for the proteins, at a level that Rogue would demand when trying to create any product.

After talking with Rogue, Bill of KC Canine said, “Rogue cares just as much about the quality of ingredients and the dogs as I do. Rogue will maintain the same sourcing at the same family-run facility I have always worked with, they are not going to uproot the process.”

With the unexpected pandemic and the challenging environment that followed, Rogue wanted to band together with other small companies to form stronger offerings for their customers. Rogue wanted to bring amazing brands together, those who are making their own way in the pet products space.

KC Canine and Rogue Pet Science is the first of more partnerships to come as a result of the challenges we all face. Rogue Pet Science is happy to be a part of making honest and natural pet products for many years to come.

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