KONG Box Cares Initiative Illustrates the Positive Impact of Dogs During COVID August 6, 2020

KONG Box Cares Initiative Illustrates the Positive Impact of Dogs During COVID

In the last two months, KONG Box, a monthly service providing fun and solutions-based dog products, launched the #KONGBoxCares social media initiative—honoring the contribution dogs have made to provide companionship, love, laughter, exercise and more during the difficult stay-at-home period. The contest was comprised of varying weekly prompts, and KONG Box rewarded select owners for posting their dog playtime pics & tips on their social platforms with the hashtag #KONGBoxCares.

According to a survey by Washington State University, dog owners reported their pets reduced feelings of depression, anxiety and loneliness and helped maintain a regular schedule, find greater purpose and cope with uncertainty. Additionally, shelters across the US reported increased foster applications as people sought out a pet for companionship during the pandemic.

KONG Box’s campaign mirrored these findings. Many owners noted how critical their dogs were when they were having difficulties.

@harvshome said their dog “came to lick my face and comfort me when I had a mini panic attack and was crying.”

@mynameis.pebbles said as a disabled Army Veteran, her dog gives her purpose and helps her cope with anxiety.

@kimberlyleilani’s dog enforces social distancing.

@dnwhitman’s dog Rocky made her laugh when she barked during the movie, 101 Dalmatians. She says, Rocky says, “I love that I get to see mom more now. I hope this lasts forever.”

Each week, a winner received a free 6-month KONG Box subscription. KONG supports the impact dogs have on our lives, and the last few months are an indication of how they will help us cope and get through the rest of this pandemic safely, happily and healthfully.

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