March 2, 2022

LaiFug Launches Customer Appreciation Festival to Celebrate 7th Anniversary

LaiFug, a manufacturer focusing on pet home products, recently launched a customer appreciation festival to mark its 7th anniversary and to express gratitude to all its customers.

The festival begins with the sale of products of all categories during the second week of March. From March 7 to March 13, customers will be able to purchase LaiFug’s most popular items at discounts of up to 20 percent on the official LaiFug website, with various discounts on other products as well.

In addition, LaiFug will have a special page on its official website, called the Fan Club, for users to discuss LaiFug products and brands, where they can feel free to post any feedback or suggestions about products and brands or contact LaiFug directly if users have more comments they wish to leave on the LaiFug blog. LaiFug will also find on the First Three LaiFug users who comment in the Fan Club. They will receive a complete set of LaiFug pet products, tailored to their pet type.

LaiFug has been listening to its customers’ feedback. After realizing the demand for quality dog beds, LaiFug introduced several dog bed products to meet the needs of all customers. For example, the LaiFug Jumbo Orthopedic Memory Foam Double Pillow Dog Bed is available in three color options and two sizes. The suede cover is durable, chewable and removable for cleaning, and the cover can be purchased separately even if it is accidentally damaged. The LaiFug mattress is made of memory foam and high-density support foam laminated to provide both enough softness for your pet to sleep comfortably and enough thickness and support to prevent your pet’s bones from deforming. Also the extra-large size and pillows of various heights can accommodate multiple pets resting together at the same time, and the dense waterproof fabric protects the sponge well for long-term use. The minimalist appearance and ultimate comfort reflect LaiFug’s art of balancing aesthetics and practicality.

In the past six years, LaiFug has further expanded to products in other segments, including pet toys, pet clothes, wooden pet houses and so on, to meet their needs and provide all-round comfort and beauty in everyday life.

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