January 16, 2024

Leading Pet Health Insurance Company Odie and Digital Pet Pharmacy, PetRx Announce Strategic Partnership

Odie Pet Insurance, a full-service pet health insurance company known for its affordable and customizable plans as well as its tech-enabled platform and PetRx, a leading pharmaceutical retailer for pets, announced a strategic partnership that will expand the accessibility of pet insurance to pet parents across the country.

In a first-of-its-kind collaboration, this unique partnership structure opens a new distribution platform for pet retailers to enhance their core product offerings through the pet insurance vertical. PetRx will offer new and existing customers pet health insurance options in addition to medications and preventative care treatments. The insurance product will leverage Odie’s current technology platform and insurance operations structure to rate, bind and manage pet insurance policies and wellness plans.

“Our goal is to ensure that all cats and dogs receive the necessary medical coverage without their owners having to make difficult decisions based on the finances involved,” said Miles Thorson, Co-Founder and CEO of Odie Pet Insurance. “Since Odie’s inception, we have aimed to significantly increase the number of insured pets throughout the United States by collaborating with strategic partners in the pet industry. We’re excited to build this partnership with PetRx, a company that shares our values regarding pet health and wellness, and we look forward to offering added-value products to pet parents who are already hyper-focused on their pet’s well-being.”

As part of this strategic partnership, PetRx will be responsible for marketing this new product to its customer base. As the insurer, Odie will manage all member communication and facilitate details around policy management and claims adjusting.

“Odie Pet Insurance is a trusted brand and insurance provider,” said Jake Kibbee, CEO of PetRx. “This partnership opens a new revenue stream for us while also allowing our consumers to protect their pets and receive reimbursements for routine care and unexpected illnesses and injuries. The integration is seamless and offers a convenient, one-stop-shop experience for pet parents.”


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