November 7, 2023

Lick Sleeve & PetPath Unveil TPLO Surgery Recovery App

Lick Sleeve partnered with PetPath to launch a free interactive care path dedicated to aiding pet owners in managing their dog’s recovery after TPLO surgery. This innovative care management tool is designed to streamline the post-operative journey, reducing the strain on veterinary teams and empowering owners in the recovery process.

The sponsored TPLO path features include:

Daily Recovery Guidance: Sourced from the reputable TPLO, the app provides step-by-step guidance for each day of the recovery process.

Guided Checklists: These checklists help keep pet owners on track, ensuring adherence to recovery protocols without increasing the demands on veterinary staff.

Instructional Videos: Detailed videos cover key FAQs and how to properly use the Lick Sleeve.

Interactive Questions: By engaging pet owners through targeted questions, the app directs them to suitable resources, tailoring the support to their specific needs.

This collaboration targets enhancing at-home care adherence and delivering high-quality support to pet owners, achieved while reducing additional staffing or time burdens for veterinarians.

The care path will be available to all Lick Sleeve Wholesale partners and customers, free of charge. Customers purchasing directly from Lick Sleeve are provided access to this app, further enhancing their product experience. Lick Sleeve Wholesale Partners are encouraged to sign up free of charge here to begin incorporating this tool into their practice.

Lick Sleeve and PetPath’s collaboration exemplifies their commitment to elevating pet care, combining innovative technology with a compassionate approach to healing.

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