November 14, 2023

Litter Genie Introduces New Jumbo Eco Refill

Every cat lover knows that maintaining a clean and odor-free environment is essential not only for the pet’s well-being but also for the household’s comfort. – the No. 1 cat litter disposal pail in the United States* and Canada – announces the launch of its Jumbo Eco Refill. This innovative product provides long-lasting cat care without compromising on eco-friendly solutions and is set to be available as of November 2023.

Since launch, Litter Genie has been closing the lid on cat odors in homes with its unique air-tight pail designs and multi-layer refill bags with odor barrier technology that locks away undesirable smells.

The new Litter Genie Jumbo Eco Refill is made of compostable film** and is designed with impressive longevity, lasting up to four-months for one cat. Designed to contain twice as much film and using 35 percent less cartridge plastic compared to standard refills, the Jumbo Eco Refill sets a new standard for sustainability in cat care.

This game-changing product is made from compostable film** and helps to contain litter odors while keeping your home smelling fresh.

“Litter Genie is committed to reducing plastic waste in its products,” states Rahul Sharda, CEO Angelcare Group, maker of the popular Genie line. “Our team is proud to introduce new Litter Genie Eco Refills into our product line-up. Not only is Litter Genie continuing to make cat care more convenient, but now we are expanding the category with more sustainable products that consumers can feel good about.”

  • Litter Genie JUMBO ECO REFILL: The square refill contains continuous film, allowing users to cut and tie it to any desired length, ensuring minimal waste and maximum convenience. Litter Genie Jumbo Eco Refill is compatible with the Standard, Plus and XL+ pails. Not compatible with Easy Roll and XL pails.
  • Available exclusively at in the USA $19.99 USD MSRP

Interviews with Angelcare are available upon request. High-res images can be found here.

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