Live-streamed National House Pawty Fundraiser April 14, 2020

Live-streamed National House Pawty Fundraiser

More than 80 animal shelters and rescue organizations across the US have joined forces to create the National House Pawty, a livestreamed fundraiser set to take place on Facebook Saturday, April 18, from 6 to 9 p.m. Central Daylight Time.

The event will feature a variety of entertainment ranging from interactive games to celebrity and athlete cameos to live music performances.

Beginning today, Tuesday, April 14, individuals are encouraged to raise $250 for their favorite participating pet welfare organization to help event organizers reach their goal of raising $500,000 nationally. The funds will be distributed to participating organizations that have had to cancel fundraisers and adoption events during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Purina, a perennial supporter of organizations that help bring and keep pets and people together, has stepped up as presenting sponsor of the National House Pawty.

“In the past month, we’ve seen a huge increase in pet fosters and adoptions across the country, but there is still a great need among pet welfare organizations,” said Jessica Arnold with the Purina Pet Welfare team. “At Purina, we believe life is better when people and pets bond – especially during difficult times. Now more than ever we’re proud to support this fundraiser and the shelters that connect people with pets.”

The event traces its roots to St. Louis-based Gateway Pet Guardians. In 2016, the organization livestreamed its first Slumber Pawty, with volunteers spending the night in shelters to help long-term shelter pets get adopted while raising funds to support the cause of pet adoption. In 2018, the group expanded the event to include 15 fellow shelters who livestreamed a variety of activities from shelters.

“We’re in the midst of a good-news/bad-news situation. We’ve never seen a bigger demand for shelter pets; but at the same time, shelters large and small are having to cancel fundraising events every day,” said Jamie Case, executive director of Gateway Pet Guardians. “We’re excited to bring some fresh content to pet lovers across America who are stuck at home – helping to raise their spirits while we raise much-needed funds for the shelters.”

For more information about the event, to participate or donate, visit the event’s website.

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