August 2, 2023

Local Entrepreneur Purchases Pet Butler Franchise In Ann Arbor, MI

A new Pet Butler franchise has opened in the Greater Ann Arbor area.

Owner Nick Graziano will serve the local community with pet waste removal services and plans to expand into pet sitting, pet care and pet shuttling soon.

As a devoted pet owner, Graziano has always cherished the companionship of animals. Currently, he cares for two German Shepherds, a horse and a tropical fish tank.

During his college years, he volunteered at the Dog Humane Society, contributing his time and expertise to improve the lives of rescued animals. This experience further fueled his passion for the well-being of pets, making Pet Butler a perfect fit for him to turn his passion for pets into a business strategy.

As someone with a background in property management, Graziano brings valuable entrepreneurial experience to his new venture. His exposure to service-level operations has prepared him to build a business with a strong local presence and a dedication to exceptional customer service. Pet Butler’s services are ideal for singles, families, businesses, parks and more. Customers can expect to experience convenience and security knowing that their pets and the surrounding environment are safe.

When asked about his decision to explore Pet Butler, Graziano highlighted the company’s unique and diversified approach to a pet services business. The prospect of working outdoors and serving his local community further solidified his commitment to joining the Pet Butler family.

As revealed in a recent Morgan Stanley study, the pet industry is projected to undergo an impressive 134 percent growth through the next decade, catapulting from $118 billion in 2019 to an estimated $277 billion by 2030.

Given the undeniable expansion in pet services, Pet Butler is strategically positioned to establish itself as the premier service provider for pets and their people.

For more information click here or call 734-396-8035.



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